In the past, I’ve taught a number of courses in environmental policy, sustainability, conservation biology, and complex adaptive systems, among others.  Below, I’m attaching syllabi that people can feel free to modify and use in their own classes.  I’ve also attached a statement of my teaching philosophy.  Increasingly, I have tried to add elements of project and problem-based learning to all of my classes with the hope of increasing the real world application and better prepare my students for life beyond the university.


My first university-level teaching was in a 200-level general management class in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Indiana University.

V-241 Management Foundations

The next course I taught was in my main area of research and one of the most fun classes that I’ve taught.  This course, People and the Environment, was a 100-level introductory class that looks at challenges emerging at the interface in coupled social-ecological systems.

E162:  People and the Environment Syllabus

This next syllabus is for a mid-level undergraduate class for sustainability science majors that is one of my regular core courses.  It is an introduction to domestic and global environmental policy.
SOS 321: Policy and Governance in Sustainable Systems

In line with my PPBL work, I coordinated a course entitled Transformative Sustainability Research, but it is better seen as Project Management for Sustainability.  In this course, graduate students with a real world sustainability project recruit undergraduate students for the class and the specific project.  The undergraduates then take ownership of the project under the guidance of their graduate instructors.


One of my new core courses for the School of Sustainability is a 200-level class on Systems Thinking.  Syllabus to follow this fall…

I have also regularly taught the social sciences module of a Master’s in Conservation Biology program at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.  This is a two-week, intensive all-day, five days a week teaching engagement with high-caliber students from all over the world.  The literature covered and the program overview are available on request.

Teaching Philosophy

Below is a sample of my teaching philosophy and agenda.  It includes a list of some of the courses that I can teach as well as some quantitative and qualitative results from past class surveys.

Teaching Agenda and Statement of Teaching Philosophy

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