Working Papers and Other Writing

Manuscripts Under Review

Schoon, Michael L. and Abigail York. “Emergence and Evolution of an Environmental Governance Network: The Case of the Arizona Borderlands”, under review with Policy Studies Journal.

Schoon, Michael, Kehinde Salau, Jacopo Baggio, and Marco Janssen. “Modeling Decision-making across Habitat Patches:  Insights on Large-Scale Conservation Management”, under review with Environmental Management.

Epstein, Graham, Chanda Meek, Irene Pérez, Michael Schoon. “Governing the Invisible Commons: Ozone regulation and the Montreal Protocol”, under review with International Journal of the Commons.

Evans, Louisa, Natalie Ban, Michael Schoon, Mateja Nenadovic. “Explaining the Great in the Great Barrier Reef: The GBR Marine Park as a large-scale social-ecological system”, under review with International Journal of the Commons.

Ban, Natalie, Louisa Evans, Mateja Nenadovic, Michael Schoon. “Challenges of Governance in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: the interplay of multiple goods, ecosystem services, and property rights”, under review with Ecological Applications.

Norström AV, Dannenberg A, McCarney G, Milkoreit M, Diekert F, Engström G, Fishman R, Gars J, Kyriakopolou E, Manoussi V, Meng K, Metian M, Sanctuary M, Schlüter M, Schoon M, Schultz L, Sjöstedt M. “Critical considerations for setting successful and effective Sustainable Development Goals in the Anthropocene”, under review with Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Cundill, Georgina, James Gambiza, Tally Palmer, Tony Palmer, Michael Schoon and Lawrence Sisitka. “Strengthening capacity and agency to operate in fractured governance contexts”, under review with Ecology and Society

Manuscripts in Preparation

Schoon, Michael L, Michael Cox, Martin Robards, and Oran Young. “Scaling Up CPR Theory – What We Now Know and Where We Are Going”, for submission to the International Journal of the Commons.

Chanda Meek, Margot Hill, Michael Schoon, Michele-Lee Moore, and Manjana Milkoreit. “Coherence at a crossroad: examining the normative implications of resilience science”, for submission to Environmental Science and Policy.

Biggs, Oonsie, Maja, Schluter, and Michael Schoon, “Introduction”.

Robards, Martin, Michael Schoon, Chanda Meek, Nathan Engle, and Katrina Brown, “Politics Chapter”.

Schoon, Michael, Martin Robards, Chanda Meek, and Victor Galaz, “Polycentricity Chapter”.

Biggs, Oonsie, Maja, Schluter, and Michael Schoon, “Synthesis”.

Galafassi, Diego, Jacopo Baggio, Orjan Bodin, Marco Janssen, and Michael Schoon, “Social-Ecological Connectivity in the Lab”, for submission to Ecology and Society.

Book Reviews

“A Review of Systemic Management: Sustainable Human Interactions with Ecosystems and the Biosphere by Charles W. Fowler”. 2010. Environmental Conservation 36 (3): 261-262.

“A Review of Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed, and a Sustainable Future by Saleem Ali”. 2010.  Global Environmental Politics 10 (3): 150-151.

“A Review of Fairness in International Climate Change Law and Policy by Friedrich Soltau”. 2010.  Environmental Conservation (forthcoming).

Working Papers

“A Short Historical Overview of the Concepts of Resilience, Vulnerability, and Adaptation”, Working Paper W05-4, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, 2005.

historical_critique of Resilience Working Paper

Reports, Conference Proceedings and Other Publications

Schoon, Michael L. 2011. “Commons Complexity and Understanding Transboundary Conservation Areas”. The Commons Digest Issue 10 edited by Alyne Delaney.

Complexity in the Commons

Schoon, Michael L. 2010. Governance and decision-making: Fencing in the Great Limpopo and the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Areas. In A review of the environmental, social and economic impacts of game and veterinary fencing in Africa with particular reference to the Great Limpopo and Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Areas edited by K. Ferguson and J. Hanks. Pretoria, South Africa: University of Pretoria.

Fencing and Governance in the GLTFCA

Schoon, Michael L. 2005. “Do Parks Harm More Than They Help?  The Role of Peace Parks in Improving Robustness in Southern Africa”, published as a chapter in USGS Scientific Investigations Report.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by anne brownin-aiken on May 24, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    I sense you are in transition from So. Africa and looking for other case studies of transboundary conservation to which you can apply the institutional analysis of Ostrom. I am interested to hear what made you decide to move to Arizona. Do you have family in either place?
    Not surprisingly, I would very much like to read all the ms under review..
    When I see your photo with your kid, I imagine you like to read Craig Childs. Am I right?


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