Hi!! My name is Michael Schoon.  This website is a brief synopsis of my academic work – both my research and my teaching.

I’ve just gone through an update of the full site.  Of course, the most recent is always the blog postings, which are added every few weeks.

In the other landing pages on this site, I detail my research in five core areas – Collaborative Governance, Complex Adaptive Systems Science, Resilience and Robustness, the Tragedy of the Commons and common-pool resource dilemmas, and Transboundary or large-scale conservation.  Basically, my work is all about sustainability, collaboration and the resolution of environmental dilemmas.  In particular, I focus on the sustainability challenge facing all of us as we leap further into the Anthropocene – how do we better match the scale of governance to the scale of the environmental issue.  How do we navigate across political borders and boundaries at all levels, from those between individuals to those between nations?

I’ve tried to be as up-to-date as possible and as open in terms of providing access to my publications as I can be.  Please contact me by leaving comments on my site or via email:  michael.schoonATasuDOTedu.

I hope that you enjoy what’s here.  Please let me know.  I look forward to your comments!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hello Michael — I got your invitation to serve as reviewer for the Int Journal of the Commons and have accepted. Right now, I’m on admission in a dental clinic in Glasgow, Scotland. Some strange teeth-nerve infection almost killed in Abuja, Nigeria 2 weeks ago. Fortunately for me, the support systems were available to evacuate me to the UK for proper dianosis and treatment. Fright nwo, with me healing fast, it feels like being born anew, I’m really thrilled to feel pain free again. Life is precious! I’m expected back at work on 1 July. How’s your family doing? Best wishes. Utiang


  2. Thanks for sharing such a pleasant thought, article is pleasant,
    thats why i have read it completely


  3. Thank you Dr Mike, you are taking up important issues as your research and teaching responsibilities and it look quite common that we can work further on these common issues specially trans-boundary/landscape level conservation. I look forward to working with you as a PhD student.


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