My research focuses at a theoretical level on cross-boundary collective action dilemmas and governance arrangements that transcend political borders.  In my most recent work, I worked on several studies that cross scales ranging from the borders between local communities and municipalities to issues of global governance.  The goal is to push toward a generalizable theory of cross-border, cross-scale governance and link this back to applied policy analysis and actionable science.  In this endeavor, my work encompasses a range of methodologies, primarily focusing on case studies, social network analysis, and participatory research.

One of the more interesting projects of late has been working as a convenor for a collaborative group on wild horse management.  This contentious subject and the wonderful group of volunteers dedicated to finding solutions has taught me a great deal and allowed me to move from theory to practice in my own work.

In my ongoing research I have also drawn from large sample studies, agent-based models, and lab experimentation because I strongly believe that addressing issues of complex governance requires multiple types of approaches.  My research continues to explore the puzzles of how to implement these cross-border governance arrangements and collaborative efforts, create institutional robustness or long-enduring institutional arrangements, and understand how to design sustainable systems in coupled social-ecological environments.  I pursue this research agenda through several ongoing programs detailed in the sub-pages here.  I have subdivided my research into five categories – collaborative governance, complexity, resilience and robustness, the commons, and transboundary conservation.  These categorizations are artificial in that most of my research spans several categories and where one begins and another ends is unclear.  Within each, I have links to relevant websites, my published research, and current research projects.

In the future, my intent is to use these research paths as a foundation to gain better understanding of collaboration and cross-border governance as a means of resolving ever-present collective action dilemmas in a world where problems do not halt at political boundaries.  Long-enduring institutional arrangements and effective governance are a first step toward addressing societal goals for sustainability. Ultimately, I view all of my research as part of the broader goal to find some measure of social-ecological sustainability.

See the attached sub-pages for my publications as well as more information on specific research areas.

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