Resilience and Robustness

From early on in my studies, I’ve been fortunate enough to link in to the Resilience Alliance and work with many great researchers in that network.  Since 2008, I’ve been very involved in the RAYS – the Resilience Alliance Young Scholars, a broadly interdisciplinary group focused on social-ecological systems and resilience thinking.  Below, I’ve attached links to a number of the key websites and blogs that I find very useful and informative.  I’ve also provided a link to Ecology and Society, an open access journal focused on sustainable social-ecological systems.

Relevant Links

One of my favorite academic journals:  Ecology and Society

The Network that serves as a source for a great deal of my inspiration and quite a lot of my perspiration:  The Resilience Alliance

Likewise for the Resilience Alliance Young Scholars, which is now (May 2011) launching its social media presence:  RAYS

A great blog on Resilience:  Garry Peterson’s Resilience Science Blog

Another blog on Adaptation and Governance in social-ecological systems:  Victor Galaz’s Adaptiveness Blog

And from the Stockholm Resilience Centre:

A blog on institutional diversity, resilience and robustness:  Marco Janssen’s Blog

My Published Research in this Field

As always, the links to these documents are available on the publication page.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let me know.  I’d be happy to provide copies.

My first major work on this topic, as for every aspect of my research is my dissertation.

See also the following articles:

Schoon, Michael L. 2005. “A Short Historical Overview of the Concepts of Resilience, Vulnerability, and Adaptation”, Working Paper W05-4, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis.

Janssen, Marco A., Michael L. Schoon, Katy Borner, and Weimao Ke. 2006. “Scholarly Networks on Resilience, Vulnerability, and Adaptation.” Global Environmental Change 16 (3): 240-52.

Robards, Martin, Michael Schoon, Chanda Meek, and Nathan Engle. “The importance of social drivers in the resilient provision of ecosystem services”. Global Environmental Change 21, no. 2 (2011): 522-529.

Biggs, D., R. Biggs, V. Dakos, R. J. Scholes and M. Schoon. 2011. Are We Entering an Era of Concatenated Global Crises?. Ecology and Society 16 (2): 27. [online] URL:

Schoon, Michael L., Christo Fabricius, Marty Anderies, and Margaret Nelson. “Synthesis: Vulnerability, Traps, and Transformations – Long Term Perspectives from Archaeology”, Ecology and Society  16 (2): 24. [online] URL:

Schoon, Michael L. and Michael E. Cox. 2012. “Understanding Disturbances and Responses in Social-Ecological Systems”. Society and Natural Resources 25(2): 141-155.

Resilience Alliance Young Scholars. (2012). “Toward Principles for Enhancing the Resilience of Ecosystem Services”, Annual Review of Environment and Resources 37: 1-28.

Current Research Program

Soon to be out (I hope!!):

Schoon, Michael L. “Governance Structures in Transboundary Conservation:  How Institutional Evolution Influences Cross-Border Cooperation”, Conservation and Society (forthcoming).

Several others at various stages of development…which I’m happy to share with those interested in more of my rough drafts (and B-sides).

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