Seven Insights from Resilience 2017

Having been back on campus for a couple weeks with time to reflect, I wanted to jot down a list of a few insights and takeaways from the Resilience 2017 conference ( in Stockholm.  I would be delighted to hear and share the insights of others as well.  My list:

  1. A noticeably stronger connection of science with art and the humanities which flowed through the entire conference – the plenaries, the extra events, and the sessions.
  2. Fewer studies and presentations with a clear, consistent grounding in the mathematics of resilience and more qualitative studies
  3. Fewer ecological studies
  4. A great deal more discussion on transformation of social-ecological systems, which was interesting given the Transformations conference the following week in Scotland (
  5. A diverse and broad geographic representation of attendees and presenters
  6. A rapidly growing community of resilience scholars (great news!) and a broadening of the concepts of resilience thinking (mixed blessings)
  7. An uptick in the number of governance scholars engaging in polycentricity and collaboration that seem to be engaging with this community more than traditional venues.

Of course, these are just my insights from the sessions that I was able to attend.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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