Collaboration Lab Web Launch

With the help of friends and collaborators, I’m pleased to announce the launch of my lab group’s website:  CAT Lab.  It’s a work in progress and owes it’s looks to the diligent work of Sechindra Vallury.  You’ll see profiles and case studies from collaborators in Utah, Colorado and Arizona.  The focus is on Collaboration (collaborative governance, adaptive co-management, etc), Adaptation (adaptive capacity, resilience-building) and Transformation.  We’re currently struggling with a name, so if you have thoughts please share.  Our top choices at the moment are CAT Lab and Col-lab.  Please let’s us know what you think.

The goal is to create a place to publicize publications, share case study information, and support a growing community working in this field.  Next week, I’ll add more about the international networks sharing and working together.

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