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I’m No Luddite

I’m no Luddite or technology-hater.  In fact, I’m nearly the opposite.  I’m sitting here writing a blog for that matter.  However, I’m becoming increasingly disturbed with the use of technology to repeatedly take us away from the world outside our collective window.  Over the past weekend, I went to the park with my daughter.  Of the 15 parents there with kids, 12 were on smartphones or texting for much of their time.  So much for time with your child.  I know that I’m guilty of getting sucked into emails, Skype calls, surfing the web, and just my everyday work on the computer, so I’m aware of my hypocritical stance.  I also increasingly value time where we can go “off grid”, whether it’s for a short hike or an overdue vacation.  And I’m a fervent believer in the “No Child Left Indoors” movement to help reconnect with our natural environment.