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Stakeholder Meeting on Collaborative Environmental Governance

I had my faith in humanity renewed last night at the open Stakeholder Meeting for the Collaborative Governance team in the Agua Fria National Monument, or more specifically the Horseshoe Ranch grazing allottment.  The representatives from the BLM, the National Forest Service and Arizona Game and Fish were knowledgeable, professional, and good in their public engagement.  The public turnout – with representatives from archaeological societies, environmental NGOs, ranchers, hunting groups, and others – was fairly large, well informed, and interested.  The quick takeaway – people care and want to make a difference.

Big steps coming up – the resolution of conflicting interests, putting in place an adaptive management strategy, and starting to monitor and react to environmental changes.  It’s an exciting time.

Scaling Up Common-Pool Resource Governance Theory

We recently concluded a wonderful workshop for the “Scaling Up CPR Theory” project.  Representatives from around the globe participated, and we made substantial progress in database development, case coding training, and entering the data collection phase of the research project.  The next few months will be critical for moving the project along, but I am excited to see the energy and enthusiasm for a long-term effort that parallels the ground-breaking work from “Governing the Commons”.  Next step will be to have the group collectively code some sample cases and compare results for intercoder reliability.