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PECS Webinar with Jessica de Koning on Institutional Bricolage

Hi All,

Here is a recording of our latest webinar for the PECS webinar series.



Critical institutionalism and institutional bricolage


This presentation talks about the development of critical institutional thinking and the concept of institutional bricolage during my research. Critical institutionalism (CI) is a contemporary body of thought that explores how institutions dynamically mediate relationships between people, natural resources and society. Critical institutional approaches have potentially much to offer natural resource governance studies, particularly through the explanatory power of the concept of bricolage for better understanding institutional change. Together with Frances Cleaver, I have been working with and working on critical institutional thinking in research in Papua New Guinea, the Bolivian and Ecuadorian Amazon and the Netherlands. This presentation defines key themes of critical institutionalism, outline the concept of institutional bricolage and identity some key challenges facing this school of thought.


I am a lecturer at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden. I teach policy issues related to marine management. My work focusses on local governance processes related to issues of natural resources, sustainability and climate change. I look at how policies impact people, their daily practices and their place. How policies “travel” from their institute to the daily reality and how they are transformed in the process. In others, I am interested in these dynamic processes where policy can lead to unexpected outcomes and governance is fluid. I have studied these issues related to forest management in the Amazon of Bolivia and Ecuador, nature governance in Europe, ecotourism in Papua New Guinea and at global policy platforms such as the climate change conventions. See my research projects for an overview of that work. Recently, I am looking at coastal communities and how they manage themselves in relation to climate change and marine policies. I hold a PhD. on forest governance in the Amazon (Wageningen University, 2010). I have a MSc. in policy and organization (Utrecht University, 2006) and a BSc and MSc in rural development sociology (Wageningen University, 2001). In my free time, I love to be outdoors: walking, running and sailing.


This is the latest in a series of webinars. Past recordings can be found here.