Research happenings in Cuenca

In an earlier post (A Sabbatical in Ecuador), I discussed some early stage research in Cajas National Park.  I’m optimistic that this research will get a boost through partnership with the University of Cuenca.  With researchers there, I am discussing some research collaborations with students interested in studying social-ecological systems and collaboration and conflict with the national park and its neighbors.  This has particular relevance as Cajas National Park is part of a larger Man and Biosphere Reserve (Biosfera Macizo del Cajas – see website here) and the importance of buffer zones and creating the capacity to live sustainably in the broader landscape.  Here’s a map to show the area we are talking about:

Cuadro Datos Biosfera

As a means to build capacity towards this research, I am delivering a presentation tomorrow on resilience and social-ecological systems:


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