Webinar on Resilience tomorrow

On Wednesday, March 2nd, with my good friends Jacopo Baggio and Jenny Hodbod, we will be presenting a webinar in conjunction with the Security and Sustainability Forum.  We have been asked to present on our book “Principles for Building Resilience”, which we published last year with Cambridge University Press.  This was an initiative by the Resilience Alliance Young Scholars.

Our goal in the webinar is to introduce the increasingly popular concept of resilience as it applies to social-ecological systems.  We will introduce 7 principles seen to build general system resilience. If you have interest in following the webinar, it can be seen live tomorrow from 1:15 – 2:45 EST.  Sign up at the link below if you’d like to watch it live.  Please note that this is audio with presentation slides.  No chance to watch me in a live studio audience.  For that you need to sign up for my online classes here at ASU!


If you can’t attend the webinar during the live presentation, it will also be archived shortly afterwards and viewed at anytime on the Security and Sustainability forum website archive, with links from the homepage.

I look forward to seeing your questions on Wednesday!

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