Art and Sustainability

The first Resilience Conference in Stockholm back in 2008 had a wonderful art exhibit on resilience and the themes of the conference.  I thought it was very moving to see our discussions in entirely new mediums.

Now one of my current students, Angela Cazel-Jahn, is creating a mural in downtown Phoenix about multiple aspects and concepts of sustainability.  While the images for the mural are under design, one fun idea for selecting themes and designs involves leaving images for people.  This idea builds off of one of her previous projects (see her website at  As the site describes “Out in the world, trustgallery exhibits just a couple of pieces at a time.  You might find them in carefully selected locations, at unexpected moments. I place the artwork here and there, and then I go off and live my life. Some pieces will be found, some will be taken, some will be paid for, some will be damaged or lost, some will be kept and treasured.”

For this project, various images will be left with scholars, practitioners, and others to get diverse perspectives on sustainability.  It lends a collaborative approach, which is key to resolving many sustainability challenges.

I look forward to seeing the final product!



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