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Improving Transboundary Protected Areas Information

I’m currently in the midst of improving the state of knowledge on transboundary conservation and transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) in particular through two research projects.  The first of these, as a part of the Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database (SESMAD) project, is coding a number of cases of both TBPAs and Marine Protected Areas and trying to ascertain the state of knowledge across large-scale conservation areas.  This will enable us to draw comparisons across marine and terrestrial parks, to see if the same success factors matter in both and what kind of outcomes can be expected.  This may enable future event-history analyses to see what conditions enable the emergence of protected areas as well.

Photos of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

images waterton

Glacier image

Photos of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park:

GBR photo

The second project is a review of the Best Practices for Transboundary Conservation guidelines that IUCN, the World Conservation Union, originally published in 2001 (Sandwith, Trevor, Clare Shine, Lawrence Hamilton, and David Sheppard. “Transboundary Protected Areas for Peace and Co-operation.” Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines Series 7 (2001): 111.).  The goal is to publish a revised version based on the scientific insights over the last 12 years.