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New Working Paper on Collaboration

Building on a workshop last November in Oaxaca, my lab group in the Center for Behavior, Institutions, and the Environment at ASU has recently published a working paper on success factors for effective environmental management.  This work builds on several great papers published over the last decade as well as field work by my students and collaborators to substantiate this research.

We put this together as a practitioner’s brief that could be used by people in the field working to build or strengthen collaborations.  There is no fancy work here, just a collection of findings that we hope can help people achieve better outcomes and accomplish their goals.

This is the first part of our work towards understanding how these factors change under varying contexts.  We are building a database and examining multiple cases from around the world with a goal to improve how groups of people work together across borders and boundaries.

New article on Governance and Sustainability

With my good friend, Michael Cox, we have just published the introduction editorial to a special issue of the journal “Sustainability”.  The editorial can be found here. Entitled “Collaboration, Adaptation and Scaling: Perspectives on Environmental Governance for Sustainability”, we target these three issues as the critical ingredients for governance in the complex and dynamic world that we live in.

While I hope that you read this article, it’s really just an entry point into what we see as a stellar special issue that can be found here.  With articles from Fikret Berkes, Kate Brown, Kai Chan, Jesse Ribot, Oran Young and many more, the special issue covers governance and sustainability from a range of angles.  It hits multiple scales from local to international, targets subject matters from fisheries to international agreements to urban dynamics, and draws on a wide range of disciplines.

We very much look forward to your thoughts and ideas!